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SuperM Now Stars In Korean Air’s Safety Video

You might go Jopping on your next flight.

Think again if you think the air stewardess is usually the one featured in an airline safety video. SuperM is here to do that for Korean Air.

You might be able to spot your idols on the plane very soon on your next trip with Korean Air. Though you might not be able to see them in person, they will be appearing on your in-flight entertainment screens.

Numerous teasers have been uploaded on Korean Air’s official Instagram handle, featuring SuperM. It was speculative on what the boys would be bringing to the table initially, but all is clear now.

Earlier today, a video was shared on Korean Air’s YouTube channel.

The boys and the airline took the shooting of a safety video to a whole new level. We first see the lads walking through an aircraft cabin, before we get a glimpse of the choreography for the track.

Titled Let’s Go Everywhere, the track was written and arranged by Kenzie, South Korean songwriter signed under SM Entertainment. South Korean record producer and executive Lee Soo Man also has a part to play in producing it.

Find the narrations in the video familiar? It is done by the BoA, who is also commonly known as the “Queen of K-pop”.

So remember, the next time you are on Korean Air, buckle up and enjoy the 5-minute video with the lads.

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below:

All images and video used courtesy of Korean Air.

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