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Taeyang’s solo concert was an emotional recollection

SINGAPORE — After 2 years since his last Rise in Singapore concert, BIG BANG member Taeyang is back again in Singapore to promote his 2nd solo World Tour Concert “White Night”, held on 27 October 2017, Friday in The Star Theatre. No doubt VIPs (BIGBANG’s fanclub name) have waited for this concert as he recently released his third full length solo album ‘White Night’ mid-August this year. After 10 days of album releases, he kicked off his 1st stop at Jamsil Arena in Seoul for 2 days! He went on to 19 cities so far and Singapore was his 2nd last stop.

On Friday afternoon, VIPs could be seen at The Star Theatre holding on to Big Bang Official lightstick, crown headband, and white flower to show their support for Taeyang. VIPs also queue up to purchase his official merchandise for this tour and the majority of the merchandise was sold out. It was not long before fans filled the whole theatre waiting to plunge themselves in his mellifluous vocals.

He started the performance with Ringa Linga, which all the fans in the theatre jammed along to. Subsequently, he then moved on to other songs like Wake Me Up, where he was seen lying down on the stage while bringing the euphonious title track of his new album to the audience.

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

Taeyang then spoke to the audience in subtle tone and said he was so happy to see all of his fans and asked mischievously if they missed him too.  He moved on to saying that he should move on to talk about his own album White Night, he jokingly said that he hopes no one in the audience have not heard about his new album at all. He concluded by assuring his fans that they would be able to hear all his songs from his new album during the concert and added on by saying that he enjoyed the most making this album, hoping that the messages in his music are delivered to his fans.

He then proceeded to the funky pop song Amazing where all his fans grooved to it with all their might, his performance was also, put simply – amazing! He then went on to his melodious ballads such as I Need A Girl and Empty Road, where he captivated all his fans and everyone was drawn in by his soulful vocals. He then went on to dance with another female dancer while showing off his sexy vibe.

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

After singing short snippets of Tonight and Love You To Death, Taeyang went on to Last Dance which was a BIGBANG song released in 2016. While he was standing in front of a keyboard playing the emotional piece, the crowd raised a banner which said in Korean, meaning that no matter what happens, the fans will always be rooting for him and BIGBANG. He does not forget to add improvisations at times while the crowd was singing with him.

He then revealed that whenever he sang Last Dance, he dearly misses the rest of his BIGBANG members, and he even went on to say that the biggest enjoyment of his life is to have his members around him which left the crowd cheering on for him. He thanked his fans by saying that the V.I.Ps have always been by their side supporting them and ended by saying that his world tour is, unfortunately, is almost over with Singapore being the second last stop and Taipei being the last. Feeling like the tour merely started a few days ago, he questioned if the audience shared the same thoughts as him. When he asked what time was it then, his fans cheekily replied that it was 8pm, the time that his concert started which led Taeyang to say that he couldn’t even start at 8pm on the dot.

It was the last song of the night and he hopes that his fans are not sad because based on their response, he may do a lot of encore songs. He then proceeded to his last song Darling where he belted out notes. The audience started to cheer even louder and sang with him all the way and he ended off with a quick thank you before hurrying backstage again.

Photo: YG Entertainment

Indeed, Taeyang kept his promise and came back for an encore performance with hit tunes like Good Boy which was a song collaborated by Taeyang and his fellow member G-Dragon. After that, he then went on to introduce his 4-member band who have been following him through his entire world tour. When he asked his band whether they were tired, some of them jokingly said yes but the last member then said that they should keep the party going. After that, he then walked up the stage but the door leading to the backstage did not open at all, injecting intentional humor for his fans to laugh it off.

Taeyang performed Bang Bang Bang, which the audience sang and danced along to and when the song was at its climax, special effects like pyrotechnics and strobe lighting were also used. He then ended the concert with Eyes Nose Lips during the re-encore on a light note. We’re sure he brought both music and laughter to all his fans that night.

Words: Avier Tan / Julia Tay
Photos: YG Entertainment / UnUsUaL Production

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