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WATCH: Take a peek at Stray Kids’ boyish charms in “GET COOL”

Stray Kids’ are finally back with their third mini album “I am YOU”, where fans can take a peek at their boyish charms in their new music video.

This particular music video takes a different approach compared to their past music videos where they showed off their sophisticated choreography and their charismatic visuals. But well, this music video ain’t much of that. The boys show us a more mellow, calm side of them here. 

The music video can be seen as a short movie with scenes, starting off with the Garden scene then the Money and Dormitory ones. The whole video attempts to mimic old American movies topped off with the boys’ funky expression and adorable acting.

Of course, if we are talking about Stray Kids, there’s no way there would be no choreography in their title track right? Even though they kept things down this time, their choreography still came in at the chorus as they show off some moves in the corridor of what seemed to be a typical Korean school.

Though the boys may portray themselves as charismatic and grown-up men previously, they still go back to showing fans that they are pretty simple and normal people, just like us. This is especially notable when the members got excited by looking at drumsticks. Familiar, uh?

The boys shoved in a pun in the middle of the music video as we see a cute dog in front of us followed by a jug of honey. Why, you may ask, because Get Cool also sounds like 개 (Dog) and 꿀 (Honey) in the Korean language.

Felix and Bang Chan comes in with an English rap, with them asserting the fact that they’re going to get cooler. Well, they did. From cute and baggy hoodies and clothes, the boys ended the video with leather jackets, suspenders in a black-red gradient.

Stray Kids’ “GET COOL” music video made our day better, and it will probably make yours too, give it a watch below:

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: JYP Entertainment

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