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Talented duo MXM parades sexiness in their Hong Kong concert

HONG KONG – Im Young-min and Kim Dong-hyun, collectively known as the Brand New Boys, faced elimination from throat-cutting survival reality show  Produce 101 Season 2 formed the duo MXM. Young-min came in as 15th place overall but Dong-hyun, unfortunately, could not score a place even before the final round took place. But, does this matter? Well, not really.

The boys are still hot. Real hot. 

Right from late September, MXM kick-started their first solo world tour in Seoul which got tickets snapped up in 1 minute and the tour made its way to Hong Kong just a few days ago.

The duo is known for their chic yet cute concept that can be seen from their previous releases. However, the two boys staged their sexy looks and saw an abrupt swerve of concept during their concert.

Performing hit tracks like Knock KnockCheckmate, and Ya Ya Ya, which was dropped just around 2 months ago, it was party time for both fans and the two boys.

Let’s channel some attention to the duo’s fashion. Saying that the duo is à la mode would be definitely a demeaning understatement – they had 3 outfit changes during the 2-hour long concert. From classic black suits to funky pop casual outfits, the boys rocked them all.

When the duo asked for local food recommendations, one fan shouted: “me” which made the duo blush. Without a doubt, Young-min replied saying that he would prefer the local fans instead of the local food.

That aside, the boys also made their one-of-a-kind Hong Kong style bubble tea on stage, which was meant as a gift for fans.

To top it off, Dong-hyun thanked fans because he mentioned that he knows that fans support and love him, so he felt immensely fortunate, and grateful at the same time. The duo decided to treat fans to an encore session and they bid farewell to local fans by bidding them goodbye by saying “see you next time” in Cantonese.

Aren’t the boys just so lovely and full of charm?

This event is brought to you by Applewood and Moonraker.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Joanne Tung

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