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The baddest female dominates the Hyperplay stage

SINGAPORE – Korean singer Lee Chaelin was back in Singapore, looking and feeling different. The media noticed. So did viewers.

It was explained in an exclusive report that her recent move to the United States was to blame as she was not able to exercise and practice as often since she has to adapt to her new life in the USA as well.

PHOTO: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018

Starting off strong with The Baddest Female, her debut track as a soloist, this 27-year diva did not hesitate to exude a sense of female dominance during her 45-minute performance. Perfect choreographies and soulful vocals would be the qualifying mark for most, if not all K-pop artistes, but CL challenged stereotypes to do her own thing: that included being fully immersed in the producing process of her songs and being truly herself during her performance. She did not lose her personal trademark despite a position in this cut-throat industry which forces one to conform to traditional standards.

CL also had something special up her sleeve for her Lion City devotees, as it was her first time putting on a show on our sunny shores as a solo artist: she did a live rendition of ‘No Better Feelin’’, her soundtrack for My Little Pony: The Movie, which she has never performed before. She even had a sassy, inspirational message to go along with it: “You know sometimes, people tell you how to live your life, but you just need to roll your eyes, shake it off and walk away.”

She definitely knows how to have fun. Seeing an artist sit on stage performing would be a peculiar sight for many, but it sure wasn’t for her as she rocked the stage for her newest Korean track collaborated with Okasian, G-Dragon, and BeWhy, ₩1000000 (One Million Won). She brought to fans a myriad of top hits, ranging from her solo tracks to songs of the good old days when she in 2NE1.

Mixing a tinge of K-pop with the American vibe, that’s the perfect recipe for her tracks. She brought back earworms like Gotta Be You and Come Back Home. With a twist. She added short dance breaks in the interludes and even spiced things up by doing a remix of Falling In Love with a dance vibe perfect for summer. 

PHOTO: MTV Spotlight @ Hyperplay 2018

She threw the party back to the fans. “This one you know we need to go crazy”, says CL. She continued the hype with MTBD which threw fans into wild madness.

She was not stingy in the use of pyrotechnics, definitely. This is real fire we’re talking about. Her performance was lit, both metaphorically and literally. It was not difficult to spot real fire on stage for her Hello Bitches segment, before ending off with all-time favourites like Can’t Nobody and I Am The Best.

Other international artists who joined in the MTV Spotlight stage at Hyperplay 2018, the only event where E-sports meets music, included Afgan, Slot Machine, Nick Jonas, Alessia Cara and our own homegrown local talent The Sam Willows.

The event lasting a total of 2 days concluded with Team Malaysia making a 2-0 victory against Vietnam’s Super Star Destroyers in the final League of Legends tournament. Congratulations to Team Malaysia!

PHOTO: Hyperplay 2018

Additionally, CL will be making her Hollywood debut through the movie “Mile 22”. Directed by Peter Berg, the movie will follow an elite American intelligence officer, with by a top-secret tactical command unit, to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.

This event is brought to you by MTV Spotlight and Hyperplay. Special thanks to Hyperplay for extending the media invites to us.

Live Coverage: Avier Tan / Julia Tay / Karine Tan
Written By: Avier Tan / Gwendolyn Ng
Photos: MTV Spotlight / Hyperplay

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1 Comment

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