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The Boyz showed us what youth charms are in their Hong Kong fan-con

HONG KONG – It’s The Boyz’ first time in Hong Kong, but these youthful boys are not letting anything get into their way, as they performed an approximately 150-minute set filled with energetic dances and surprise stages.

The 12-member boy band was in town on Friday (14 June) for their Hong Kong fan-con tour “The Castle”, held at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre’s Star Hall.

The story behind the title of the show? The Boyz made it clear to fans right at the beginning of the set, “The Castle” is in fact a pseudo school in which 1% of Koreans can make it in, in other words, only the most talented students could enrol.

Foreign members Eric and Kevin also spoke English, to hold up their title as the foreign representatives.

They kicked off the party with tracks like their debut song “Boy”, and lively tune “Right here” before a game segment with fans.

The first challenge that came their way was the Guess The Song challenge, where members had to identify the songs they listened to and dance the key moves of the song. Members showed off their sexy charms as they grooved to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé and EXO’s “Tempo”. Saying that their dance moves are just good would be a mere understatement.

To give fans a surprise, the members gave a live rendition of Cantopop singer Phil Lam’s “Mountain and Valley”. They sang the ballad in Cantonese, and fans definitely loved it.

They didn’t leave their newest single “Bloom Bloom” out as well. There are just so much overflowing charms from the boys and we can’t wait to see more of them.

The Boyz will be bringing their “The Castle” Asia Fan-con Tour to Singapore, Jarkata, Bangkok, Taipei and Manila throughout this month, so do look out for them!

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