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The party never stops with iKON in the house

SINGAPORE – Behind the shining glamour we see on stage, this quintet has quite an amazing debut story, through many ups and downs, successes and failures, they made it. Not only that, they made it big, as iKON.

This visit marks their second time to Singapore, with their previous visit in 2016 for iKONCERT in Singapore. At that time, they were fresh off the oven artistes 7 youthful teens are finally guaranteed some hope for their dreams with their first world tour just one year after their debut, now they evolved into party animals who performs on stage with oozing vigour.

The started the concert on a high note, with members uniformly dressed in suits with red sequins to top off that bling look for their opening song Bling Bling. Moving on, the audience was presented with a more relaxing beach set as they continued with Cocktail and Only You. Things started to get pretty much out of control here as members started to exhibit their affection and kissed each other, fans loved it.

Before we got to see the vocalists of iKON flaunt their vocal skills, we got to catch Double B (B.I. and BOBBY) doing some off-the-wall emceeing while waiting for the other members to get changed.

The members gave a soulful rendition of Perfect and leader B.I. stormed the stage with One and Onlywhile Bobby came out with Tendae.

Recent tunes were also performed during the 2 hour set like Killing Me and the all-time favourite Love Scenario.

It was noted that fans also went the extra mile to prepare hand banners that said “I will protect you, iKON” and iKON kindly returned the favour by putting their best for their encore performances. DK also promised fans that the group will be releasing a repackaged album very soon, so do look out for that!

iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR is brought to you by Unusual Entertainment.

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: YG Entertainment

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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