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The story behind a K-pop merchandise store in Singapore

It started out as a pushcart in 2013. Infinity K-pop now has a physical store in Suntec City.

When K-pop just started out, its merchandise mainly consisted of physical albums and later collectible photocards. But times have changed.

Now, these goods are thoughtfully crafted by dedicated teams with a concept in place, featuring out of the box ideas.

Case in point: the official lightstick for K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher is packaged in a coffin-like box. The unorthodox lightstick is detachable and can be extended to resemble a baton.

This is just one of the many merchandise for sale at Infinity K-pop, a store specialising in K-pop merchandise. It also boasts a myriad of K-pop goods, including physical albums and official lightsticks.

Fringe merchandise like tumblers and notebooks along other fan-designed items are also on sale.

Coming in contact with countless albums everyday, the staff of Infinity K-pop are no strangers to them, most of which are “first press” albums.

These albums are the first batch to be produced and there are often subtle differences between first press albums and those released thereafter, which adds to its exclusivity.

“Some of the more interesting albums I’ve seen these days are by NewJeans and B.I,” the owner of Infinity K-pop told SeoulHype.

B.I.’s newest album, Love or Loved Part 1, contains a life-sized poster of the 26 year-old singer-songwriter.

The poster has been assembled and it stands majestically at 1.77m tall in front of the store, located in the heart of downtown Singapore at Suntec City.

The store owner’s daughter, who happens to also be a K-pop fan, used to run an online blogshop. She then decided to put some of them at her mother’s pushcart at Downtown East for sale.

And they sold exceedingly well. So she became the driving force behind the birth of Infinity K-pop.

Now, besides selling K-pop related products, it also recently organised a fansign event for K-pop girl group Billie.

These events are few and far between in Singapore, but there are hopes for more of such activities in the future.

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