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Top tier acts join forces for SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – The long-awaited collaboration concert boasting a line up of top-tier acts like Taeyeon, EXO, WINNER, SEVENTEEN, AB6IX, MAMAMOO is here. The musical feast was staged at the Asia World-Expo Arena last Saturday (7 Jul)  featuring some exclusive stages in between the sets.

After an introduction of the full lineup, the super rookie group AB6IX was first on stage performing the catchy EDM track “Hollywood” before the female quartet MAMAMOO consisting Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa gifted Hong Kong fans with stages of “Paint Me”, “Starry Night”, “Egotistic”, “Gogobebe”.

The Chinese member from boyband SEVENTEEN, Jun then performed the Mandarin version of the famous ballad ‘Snow Flower’, which touched many of us because of his powerful voice.

To change up the atmosphere, WINNER showed up on the stage for songs packed with summer vibes like “Ah Yeah”, “Everyday”, “Millions” and “Really Really”.

You could say that, at this point in time, it was showtime for the solo vocal queen in the industry, Taeyeon. She pleased our ears with tracks like “Four Seasons”, “I”, “Blue”. Taeyeon was always complimented for her unparalleled beauty, and this was no exception that night because she showed up on the stage like a real-life fairy, with light pink hair and a shiny dress, and healed everyone with her powerful and skillful vocal.

SEVENTEEN also performed stages of “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day”, “HOME”, “Oh My and more. The most impressive part was that they performed the Chinese rendition of “Oh My”, who says that there would be a language barrier between the artistes and the fans?

If you thought the concert only featured songs from the idols themselves, think again. Seungyoon from WINNER sang the Mandarin song “Secret” and Solar from MAMAMOO joined forces with Daehwi from AB6IX to brings fans the romantic ballad “A Little Sweet”. The chemistry between Solar and Daehwi attracted loud screams from fans.

Last but definitely not the least, EXO was finally on stage. However, Lay was not present because of personal schedule and both Xiumin and D.O are now serving the military. Yet, the lack of some members did not affect their charisma and stage presence. Together, they performed “Tempo”, “Smile On My Face”, “24/7” and “Love Shot”, exuding their charisma, and all-around talents for vocal, dance and performance.

Which was your favourite part of the performance?

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