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TWICE shows their charismatic facade for new track FANCY: Watch

One of the hottest groups in the K-pop industry, TWICE have officially dropped their 7th mini album today (22 April), along with the music video for their title track, named “Fancy”.

Compared to previous concepts where the girls were portrayed as more adorable and bright, they took it a step further to portray some charm and charisma in their previous release “Yes or Yes” before going all out with a distinctively different concept for “Fancy”.

The girls were seen in black outfits at their press showcase held earlier in the afternoon, which is coincidentally one of their outfits in the music video as well.

The music video leaves fans much space for thought of the message the group would like to get across, with all members starting the track with a powerful choreography in front of a backdrop dazzled with neon tubes.

Essentially, the track conveys the feelings of TWICE, who yearns for love through a confession, saying that “they will never let go”.

The members also show their own share of sassiness, which can be seen from their point move in the chorus: the rock hand sign.

As disclosed previously in a magazine interview, member Nayeon starts the track before Jeongyeon comes out with a strong gaze behind a wall of roses. The music video uses daring and bold colours, which can be seen in the various scene backdrops and the members’ clothing as well.

TWICE’s leader Jihyo also revealed in the FANCY press showcase that her goal was to chart #1 on digital charts for at least one hour. She previously saw a post about Yes or Yes being the last girl group song to rank on a Korean digital chart for 6 months, explaining her determination to do so again.

With interlaying background notes and a steady beat to follow especially in the chorus embellished with the members’ steady vocals and world-class visuals, there is no reason why Jihyo’s wish will not come true right?

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