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The role of social media — connecting fans to artistes — now more prominent than ever

The role of social media, is, and will always be evolving.

Social media platforms such as Twitter are powerful tools to connect people and communities. Specifically, linking up fans to their favourite artistes.

Before the pandemic, Twitter was the primary platform for communication between fans who run fan support sites, better known as “master-nims”. Iconic images captured by these loyal fans also quickly gained traction and spreader like wildfire on the social media platform.

It’s known that fandoms have long found a home on Twitter, conversing with other like-minded fans and supporting their favourites, but their conversations have never been more prominent than during the current pandemic.

With events — from concerts to film screenings — being put on hold for 2020, Twitter has not only become the place for them to follow their favourite artists, but receive breaking news on their latest lockdown projects.

Fan-organised campaigns are also evident throughout the year. Fans of BTS, affectionately known as ARMY, kickstarted the #MatchAMillion campaign that secured more than a million dollars of donations for racial equality causes. This was dong as part of their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and in a bid to match the 1 million donation by the supergroup.

In fact, Twitter was also a platform for fans to come together collectively to voice their views. They make their stand clear: racism is not tolerated within the community. In the political sphere, fans were quick to overload social media hashtags used by its opponents.

On the platform’s side, Twitter has also been actively involved in connecting fans to their artistes through the Twitter Blueroom live session. The casual sit-down talkshow allows artistes to answer questions posed by fans, as well as engage in panel discussions.

Groups like SuperM, ATEEZ, Day6 and Blackpink have also guested on the show.

No matter what you’re a fan of, there’s always fan community for it on Twitter. Join the conversation and the community today.

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