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WATCH: BTS shakes in Korean influences for their new flamboyant spectacular, “Idol”

The term “idol” is definitely familiar to many of us. People we look up to, those we idolise. But does this mean we force our standard of unrealistic perfection on these seemingly human creatures, just like ourselves? The answer is murky but hopefully clear after you give BTS’ “Idol” a watch as they are about to defy this social expectation.

PHOTO: BigHit Entertainment

Yesterday, BTS dropped their highly-anticipated album Love Yourself: Answer. “起承轉結” (which is a Chinese proverb that roughly translates to transition). Why transition? Because if we look at the bigger picture, tracks in the album discuss the greater concept of life as a whole, which interlaced the four albums together from August 2017 till today.

It is known that BTS has made their mark in the United States with groundbreaking achievements, making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, performing live on last year’s American Music Awards. Recently, tickets for their stateside stadium shows were reported to be snapped up within minutes as well.

This music video gives off a vibrant summer vibe, which boasts steady drum beats layered with echoing vocals, which draws fans to bob their heads to this funky rhythm.

PHOTO: BigHit Entertainment

These boys did not forget their roots of being a K-pop boyband despite their mega success. They took effort to shake in Korean influences like the Bukcheong Lion, which is a lion character that goes around houses to chase away evil spirits. Another scene in the music video which was particularly iconic was when the Jade Rabbit made its appearance. Not forgetting that Chuseok (korean for Mid-Autumn Festival) which is widely observed in Korea, is around the corner, the rabbit embodies the spirit of love, the sublimed message of the whole music video.

PHOTO: BigHit Entertainment

Hanja characters like “愛” were portrayed because they did not forget that they are Asians, thus using these symbolic characters instead of their English equivalents. “You can’t stop me loving myself” was repeated numerous times in the track too by member Jimin, highlighting the substantial importance of loving oneself. Despite being public figures who might receive criticisms, they still stay true to loving themselves.

PHOTO: BigHit Entertainment

Watch BTS’ newest music video “idol” below:

Words: Avier TAN
Photos: BigHit Entertainment

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