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WATCH: EXID is finally back with full force of 5 members in “I Love You”

EXID is finally back as a 5-membered girl group with a single produced by Shinsadong Tiger titled “알러뷰 (I LOVE YOU)“. After a long 2 year hiatus due to her health, leader and main Vocalist, Solji, finally reunites with EXID with this catchy retro 90s inspired comeback! Although Solji has participated in their previous comeback such as the recording process of their 4th mini album, “Full Moon“, she was still not able to participate in other activities. After finally recovering, Solji is back with the group in the latter half of 2018.

This song shows us how EXID is able to deliver us yet another addictive beat! They showcase their different vocal colours and shows that they are unafraid to play with different type of melodies and are always bringing something new to the table as the song features a strong 90s vibe break down during the chorus. This song had the EXID brand all over and even a non-fan who hears the song would know that this song belongs to EXID.

The colourful music video brings us elements from the 90s with the iconic flip phone, all the way to the VHS player and editing style of the video. The video shows each member’s charm in different scenes and a group scene that shows the different catchy dance moves that are unforgettable and hard to miss!

Watch the new EXID music video as they bring us in with their alluring and charismatic looks and not to forget, their amazing eye-catching stylistic outfits!

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Banana Culture

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