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WATCH: No can’t be an option with TWICE’s “Yes or Yes”

TWICE is back with a definite aim: to hear “yes” and only “yes” from the fans they hold closest to their hearts, ONCEs.

The star-studded 9 member band dropped their newest track music video yesterday on November 5. They have officially became the first girl group to hit 20 million view supersonically in only 10 hours and 27 minutes.
Their music video gave off an eerie vibe with member Jeongyeon driving a car to what seemed to be “NO WAY” but later changed to “TWICE SQUARE”. Mina starts off the song by saying she’s going to make it simple for us, by choosing only yes or yes.

The 9 member group continues by flaunting their flawless choreography from the beginning. We witness driver Jeongyeon in the car again while she says did she want something this eagerly before? Bell sounds are usually unheard in Korean music but in this track we got a listen of them as they were mixed in the verse.

Mina then appears as a fortune teller with a crystal ball placed in front of her which shows “YOU BETTER TELL ME YES” on it. Is Sana coming as an archery player? She shoots an arrow which lands on yes on the target board?

This is followed by the chorus part where all members unite as one telling us they will say no to our no, respecting our choice but rejecting our rejection. Since there’s only one answer, the choice is ours. We then hear all members saying choose only one of the two, YES or YES, with 9 stable and strong vocal lines, we reckon there is absolutely no need for any backing instruments. Hence, we get a listen of only their vocal parts to end off the chorus.

Chaeyoung shows us two cards which shows her dancing, but she says the answer is only “yes yes yo”. This makes Momo’s heart burn, but her heart is not the only one that burns because the only music video scene is also filled with fire with Momo playing with a fire stick.

Leader Jihyo appears at what seems to be a crossroad with a river like a scene out of Venice but filled with traffic lights to warn us once again that there is only one answer but the final choice still belongs to us. Tzuyu finishes off to once again assert that the choice is ours.

To end off, we are treated with a dance break by the members. They are even exhibiting their chic dance moves on a moving stage towards the end. The last sentence was them saying we have only one choice, yes or yes. Can you believe it, this is fully their vocals and acapella. Saying that we’ll choose yes is a given and saying that this music video is a work of art done by 9 stunning artistes would definitely be a doubtful understatement.

What did you think of the new music video? Did you like it? Was your answer yes? Watch the music video below!

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: JYP Entertainment

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