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WATCH: Oh!GG serves up unrivalled elegance in Lil’ Touch

SM Entertainment announced Girls’ Generation’s newest unit, ‘Oh!GG’ on 27 August 2018 stating that they will be debuting with a track,’몰랐니(Lil’ Touch)‘ coupled with ‘쉼표(Fermata)‘ as a side track. The new subunit consists of five members; Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yuri, and Yoona.

PHOTO: SM Entertainment

Indeed, years of experience in the industry does not betray as these five ladies gave our eyes and ears a good treat in the music video. Looking past vocals and choreography, the overarching concept of this debut struck us. The constant switch of scenes in this video was a highlight, from the set of a hotel to close-ups of members in what seemed to be an indoor garden landscape, to slow motions of flowers being fired at, we could not afford to blink at all.

The music video starts in the style of a classy black and white film, transitioning to colour accompanied by Taeyeon’s vocals starting strong from the very beginning. This new unit song was filled with the addictive chorus and refreshing beats that we would listen to on repeat. This title song compared to their B-side titled ‘쉼표 (Fermata)‘ have two different styles to them as the B-side song takes a more mellow approach.

PHOTO: SM Entertainment

Although there were only five members, the energy that they brought out still deserves a standing ovation. From the start to the end of the video the song displays each of the different members’ different vocal styles, together with their strong visuals as well. 

The girls were dressed with consummate elegance, donning on gowns coupled with boisterous accessories set in a hotel with lush chandeliers and lamps with members in the hallway exuding a punch of female dominance. This time, the girls decided to play hard-to-get as the songs express their honest feelings for a guy but yet members showed occasional charismatic glares with poised dance moves. 

PHOTO: SM Entertainment

The release of this song proves that even after ten years allowed us to take some time back to reminisce their first release ‘Into The New World’ and realise how far they have come from young teenage girls chasing their dreams to capable ladies topping the industry, earning the title of Nation’s No.1 girl group wouldn’t come as a surprise. As soon as the song was released, fans from all over the world swarmed to trend hashtags on various social media platforms in celebration of their debut.

Watch the music video for ‘Lil’ Touch’ below:

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: SM Entertainment

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