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WATCH: The juxtaposition of oriental culture and present hip-hop reflected in Mino’s “Fiance” MV

On 26th of November, Winner’s Mino releases his first solo album titled “XX” today alongside with the MV for his title track, “아낙네(FIANCÉ)”. The album contains 12 tracks written and composed by the rapper himself.
Just hours prior to the release of the music video, a behind-the-scenes making of the music video clip was released, giving the fans a glimpse of what to expect when the music video drops and the effort and work the rapper has put in. Mino is no stranger when it comes to creativity. In the music video, we could see elements of the rapper’s vision for the song where it’s a mix of historical and contemporary elements.

아낙네(FIANCÉ), as a title track, gives the feeling of a hip-hop song combined with groovy guitar riffs accompanied with addictive bass lines during the chorus. Compared to his previous solo tracks like BODY and Turn off the light, 아낙네(FIANCÉ) caught us by surprise with how it sets itself apart from them.

Check out Mino’s latest solo title track music video, “아낙네(FIANCÉ)” as he searches for his future Fiancé:

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: YG Entertainment

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