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WATCH: Wanna One proves the power of destiny in their last group comeback

A promise to meet again. That is exactly what Wanna One wants to say to their Wannables as they face their final comeback.

The 11-member boy group who came from the record-breaking survival program Produce 101 Season 2 is now on the final leg of their year and a half contract. Though they are facing an impending disbandment, they still have a massive number of fans scattered worldwide behind their back and this last release will surely be a big hit.

The group has been promoting actively since their recent debut, which was what seemed to be just yesterday, as we have seen the boys grown from just trainees attached to their respective companies, to mature adults who are caring for fans, and always putting that additional bit of effort for their concerts.

In just one year of debut, the 11 member megaband embarked on a world tour and travelled to different parts of the world to meet fans. Regret and longing are definitely in the list when we consider their disbandment soon, but the group has dropped a music video for Wannables before they bid farewell.

We see that the music video starts with member Hwang Minhyun holding a ring, while Kang Daniel follows it up with the first line of the song. The song is an emotional track that talks about their thankfulness to their fans, with lyrics promising to meet again even after the disbandment.

The chorus comes through with Kim Jaehwan and Ha Sungwoon’s amazing vocals with the lyrics repeating “Let’s meet again when the spring breeze passes by”. Why spring breeze when it’s near the winter season now? The answer is straightforward Produce 101 Season 2 started the broadcast date during the spring of 2017.

The rap part follows with a change of beat to give more dimension to the song. Lai Guanlin, Park Woojin, Park Jihoon and Kang Daniel takes turn to pour their hearts out with lyrics of gratitude to their fans for being with them since the beginning and even staying until now.

Members continue to showcase their vocals as they promise the fans that they will surely meet again someday and when that day comes, they will all have a smile on their faces.

The music video shows the two side of members’ characters; The playful side and the serious facade. As much as members sure looked like they are having fun on set as they play with each other while creating a huge mess. While there are also shots of the members wherein, they are looking sad as they reminisce the good times that they had together. We’re sure fans can relate emotionally too.

With the title of the group of the national producers, they can’t leave out the powerful and synchronized dance choreography. Wanna One did not disappoint opted to go for more lyrical dance moves which made the song even more meaningful.

Even with Wanna One’s impending farewell, they surely made sure that they gifted their fans a very meaningful song. Watch the meaningful and well-thought out music video below:

Words: Sy Maylene
Photos: Stone Music Entertainment

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