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We got to know AB6IX inside out at their Singapore press conference

SINGAPORE – Ahead of their first ever fan-meet here in Singapore, AB6IX made time for an open press conference to give fans an opportunity to see them up close before their performance later that evening.

The crowd was treated to a comprehensive Q&A session with the boys talking about their experiences. The quintet also voted on which member represented a particular question the most.

To test their synergy, the members were asked to pick the most good looking member and they (mostly) pointed at their main rapper, Woojin.

Who looks at the mirror most? Leader Youngmin, of course, got the most votes and attempts to divert the attention to Lee Daehwi, heating the maknae up as he hilariously denies.

Main vocalist Woong, who’s a first-time visitor of Singapore, was asked if he had already received food recommendations from the other members who had already visited. He listed stalwart favourites such as Chilli Crab, Kaya Toast and also Pandan Chiffon Cake. 

When asked which members were the most difficult and easiest to get to know respectively, lead vocalist Donghyun fell into the former category, while it seemed fairly close for the latter, with Daehwi and Woojin taking most of the votes. Daehwi commented on his fellow nominee seeming quiet at first but was actually noisy!

A similar followup question saw Youngmin being picked as the most mature member – an ideal leader no doubt, and Daehwi being the most playful. 

When he’s not playing around Daehwi is also known to write songs and when asked where he gets inspiration for them, he says the love given by ABNEW allows him to produce more songs. He also spoke briefly on wanting to try new concepts and said their next album might be cute or even have more hip-hop elements.

The boys were then asked to give their favourite poses, to the delight of all the fans, before ending the press conference.

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1 Comment

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