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WINNER ends EVERYWHERE tour on a high note with Hong Kong ICs

HONG KONG – Winner finally came to Hong Kong as their last station of 2018 WINNER Tour ‘Everywhere’. They showed up first with the touching ballad ‘Empty‘ first. They then performed many brilliant stages, like ‘Air‘, ‘Hello‘ and ‘Everyday‘.

What makes the concert more special? That must be members’ solo stages. Mino as the first member, dropped the stage of ‘Body‘ and ‘Turn Off the Light‘, which satisfying Hong Kong Inner Circles with his own body too. After that, Jinwoo covered G-Dragon’s famous single ‘Untitled‘ with stable and beautiful vocal. Then, it was the turn for Seungyoon’s showtime! As a powerful vocal, Seungyoon showed off his ability with ‘비가온다‘ and ‘본능적으로‘. However, the greatest surprise for Hong Kong ICs must be his cover of a well-know Chinese song called ‘Secret (不能說的秘密)’! 

Concluding the section on solo stages, the talented performer Seunghoon hit the stage with the cover of Serenade and Taeyang’s Ringa Linga. Of course, Winner continued to bring some fabulous stages like ‘예뻤더라, ‘For‘, ‘Movie Star‘, ‘철 없어‘, ‘Love Me Love Me‘, ‘Special Night‘, ‘LaLa‘, ‘Don’t Flirt‘ and ‘Luxury‘.

During their talk, Winner also mentioned their day-off yesterday in Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong. They all had a great time that Seungyoon ate an ice-cream and Seunghoon enjoyed the beautiful night view, which worthed a million dollar. They thanks Hong Kong ICs for making the Hong Kong tour came true and it was such a grateful experience to be here.

Leader Seungyoon said that they first came Arena four years ago for MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) during his solo performance. However, at that time, they could not have performed many stages. He appreciated the opportunity to meet Hong Kong fans again with the concert, so he did prepare his favourite Chinese song ‘Secret (不能說的秘密)’. Seungyoon’s pronunciation was so accurate that surprised and touched Hong Kong ICs a lot.

To sum up the concert, Winner shared the meaning of the concert title ‘Everywhere‘, which means that they would go to everywhere to meet their fans all over the world. They were so pleased to come Hong Kong and experience the culture here. Also, they said they would be back with the new album and stages as soon as possible and hoped today would become the happiest day of ICs.

WINNER 2018 EVERYWHERE TOUR IN HONG KONG is brought to you by Applewood and Moonraker.

Words: Joanne Tung
Photos: Moonraker HK / YG Entertainment

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1 Comment

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