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WINNER stars at their Singapore “Everywhere Tour” after a long wait

SINGAPORE – What a way to start the first weekend of November with the four dashingly handsome men – WINNER as they graced the stage in eye-catching sequined sparkling jackets. The quartet just came to Singapore for their “Everywhere Tour in Singapore”. 

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

Seungyoon explained the rationale of their tour title, as to why their tour was named as the “Everywhere Tour”. The leader explained that WINNER would want to go everywhere where their fans are waiting for them, whilst experiencing different cultures and making memories with the Inner Circles (Incles) that waited for them.

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

With that, he gave our local Incles a new name collectively, SINGERCIRCLEs. It was noted that the group spoke in fluent English and did not need a translator at all. Jinwoo cracked the audience up as he introduced himself as “handsome, beautiful and cool”. Leader Seungyoon also said he had waited a long time for this very moment and he can’t wait to show the Singapore fans their performances.

He talked about wanting to ride on the Singapore Flyer but to no avail. Although they were bummed out about that, he still took the chance of taking a photo in front of the flyer to upload on his Instagram account and true to his words, he did upload the photo of them there right after the concert ended! He continued on that the band have heard about our local delicacies like the pepper crab, chilli crab but surprisingly they got to have a taste of the butter crab for the first time. Kaya toast was also on their list. Enough of food, what about their solo stages?

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

Mino heated up the crowd with Body, and yes, he even gave us a peek of his own body (you know what we’re referring to) before he proceeded to Turn Off The Light where he lied down on a slanted black platform, singing at ease and owning the stage. Jinwoo did a refreshing cover of Untitled, 2014 (무제)which was originally sung by G-Dragon, words on the screen showed: Maybe back then I was too young and foolish; Maybe I’m not going to be okay for a long time. It was undoubtedly an emotional moment.

Seungyoon appeared and changed the mood of the crowd with his solo power ballad titled It Rains and surprised the crowd with his very first performance of Troye Sivan’s YOUTH and although it was an acapella version, he was unhesitant to boast his stable vocals as he belted the high notes in quick succession. Seunghoon ended the segment of solo stages with his senior Taeyang’s Ringa Linga (and like Mino, he too gave us a surprised peek) and don’t forget the unforgettable short dance segment that “shookt” the crowd and ending it off his solo track Serenade. Strobe lights and lasers were also flashing liberally, complementing his overflowing charismatic charms.

They moved on to other tracks releases like Special NightFor (애걔) and Movie Star which had the crowd singing along and enjoying the different atmosphere each song gave. The group ended off with Seungyoon asking if the Incles still had their voices before performing their last songs for the night, ending it off with a bang as they hyped up the stage with crowd favourites; IslandReally Really and LA LA.

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

The fans all knew it wasn’t the end as they started repeatedly singing the chorus of Movie Star and chanting the group’s name while waiting for the group to come back on for an encore stage. 

The stage lights suddenly came on along with the start of Don’t Flirt followed by Luxury which riled up the crowd even more as the whole venue was filled with the screams of the fans. 

As the set draws to a close, Leader Seungyoon noticed the fan project that the fans did which was a huge W lighted up from designated fans who were seated. He did tease us about how it kind of looked like the letter “W” but at the same time, it didn’t. 

Each of the individual members bid their farewell to the crowd from announcing that they’ll be back soon with a new album, new songs and even a new concert in the future. Quoting them, they even said “I love you lah” to the Singapore Incles.

PHOTO: YG Entertainment

This event is brought to you by Unusual Entertainment.

Words: Avier Tan / Amira Syaheera
Photos: YG Entertainment

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