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Xander comes back to Singapore after a long break to promote Algovital Angel

SINGAPORE – It surely has been a busy weekend for the entertainer, Alexander Lee Eusebio. While Saturday was all about food and the cooking competition for Wok the World, Sunday was a more intimate and chill meet and greet with his few lucky fans who purchased Algovital Angel skincare products.

The star wanted a casual and light hearted interaction with his fans, asking them to enjoy the moment instead of taking photos and looking through their screens.

The multi-lingual star told fans that they could converse in English, Chinese or Cantonese as his mother is a Korean and his father, a Macanese. He even joked that he was always caught in these sticky and awkward situations where people would attempt to speak behind his back in a language they thought he wouldn’t have known but he understood everything they said.

The event started with a QnA session with Xander where he was asked a range of questions from his skincare routine and how his skin is in good condition despite his hectic schedules to personal questions like which girl group is his current favourite. Was it Blackpink or TWICE? We’ll leave you that cliffhanger for now.

The fans were all warmed up from the fun interaction they had during the QnA and it was time to play games together. 7 lucky fans were chosen to compete to see how similar their preferences were with Xander himself. A winner was eventually chosen and it was time for a photo and autograph session with him.

It was a fun filled session the fans had with Xander and we hope he’ll have a good time roaming around and finding good food at the Hawker centres here in Singapore!

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Avier Tan / Amira Syaheera

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