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Zico Promotes New Track “Any Song” With Viral Online Challenge

He has an intelligent way of promoting his track.

We’re at a day and age where there are K-pop releases almost everyday, as if a diurnal rhythm. 

So there’s no denying that the need to stand out in the K-pop realm is more important than ever. 

And promotional plans are usually pre-planned by the artiste’s entertainment companies. Its duration could range from two weeks to a month.

However one’s likely to be a veteran in the industry. If he could devise his own marketing strategies to promote his tracks.

That’s exactly what South Korean (rapper) Zico did a while ago.

His latest release, titled “Any Song” dropped on Monday (13 Jan). 

But he didn’t stop there. The 27 year-old idol subsequently posted a video of the “Any Song Challenge” on his official Instagram handle.

The first video clip gets a special featuring from MAMAMAOO’s Hwasa. He also collaborated with soloist Chungha thereafter.

Other celebrities took notice of the challenge. Soloist Lee Hyo-ri, WINNER’s Mino and television personality Jang Sung-kyu attempted the challenge as well.

In fact, the challenge was not only attempted by Korean celebrities. Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan tried his hand at it, and shared the video on Instagram too.

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