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WATCH: EXO shoots out fiery love shots in new MV

The year wouldn’t be complete without EXO releasing their repackaged album.

With both the 5th repackaged album and title song called “Love Shot” which are released in both Korean and Chinese, along with the existing tracks, the album includes two new songs titled, ‘트라우마 (Trauma)’ and ‘Wait’. ‘트라우마 (Trauma)’ is an upbeat pop dance genre whereas ‘Wait’ is an R&B ballad with an acoustic guitar melody harmonising with their vocals. EXO’s colourful dynamic music sensibility will attract fans.

The 5th repackaged album consists of 15 tracks in total and is also released across various digital platforms. Following the album announcement and teasers released for the past few days, they have been receiving hot responses and plenty of anticipation as EXO has been strong in physical album sales and are now quintuple million sellers.

“Love Shot” is a pop dance genre track with heavy 808 bass with addictive chorus. EXO members Chanyeol and Chen have also participated in the lyric writing of the song. The lyrics contain the feeling of wanting to find the meaning of true love in a desolate world.

The music video shows the group engaging in a gun shootout and members decked in both classy suits and casual outfits showcasing a strong image of the group once again.

We only know that in this music video, you can channel your attention to the charismatic visuals presented as well as the repeated body roll movements that’s not difficult to spot in the entire choreography.

Give EXO’s new music video “Love Shot” a watch below:

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: SM Entertainment

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