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Viu launches #NoSleepNoFOMO featuring Eric Nam, Kim Jong Kook and more!

SINGAPORE – Viu launches their latest premium production No Sleep No FOMO with a media conference,held at Zouk Singapore. This Viu original production is the first ever pan-regional travelogue with social media engagement at its heart. To put it simply, the show revolves around the very concept of participatory culture.

Paul Foster, host of No Sleep No FOMO was joined by guests who made special appearances  show such as; Benjamin Kheng, Hana Tam, Eric Nam, Kim Jong Kook, Alexander Lee Eusebio, Nat Ho and Laureen Uy. This event was also opened to some lucky fans for a chance to get an up-close and personal fan interaction with their favourite stars along with interactive experience zones for them to experience what the stars have went through during the filming of the show.

Stars arrived one by one in an interesting manner, pillion riding on motorcycles.

During the discussion about their experiences in the countries the guests went to, the topic on being introduced to the infamous Penis Fish (Gaebul) that is known as a local delicacy in South Korea was brought up, Nat Ho prefered eating it as oppose to the live octopus and Laureen Uy chipped in and stated that the Auntie was cutting it live in front of them. Boy, was it was a sight to see. When asked about it, Kim Jong Kook replied that he really like the unique dish as its chewy and also good for our healths and joked that the citizens there could eat anything!

When asked by fans on choosing a super power for the show, Eric Nam answered in a joking manner where it would most probably be the ability to not fall asleep and also to fly as most of the adventures were really high up and Eric Nam then gave a small spoiler on what to expect which got us excited to find out what went down during his episode.

Among the questions asked, Alexander Lee Eusebio expressed his interest in visiting Boracay as another place that he would like to visit in Philippines as he has an interest in the party scene there. Hope Kim Jong Kook could bring him to the beautiful island of Boracay in the future!

How can we miss the fun 3 mini games between #TeamNoSleep (Paul Foster, Eric Nam, Hana Tam, Benjamin Kheng) and #TeamNoFOMO (Kim Jong Kook, Alexander Lee Eusebio, Nat Ho, Laureen Uy) They were joined by some lucky fans too! The games started with a round of which team was the best at dancing to Twice’s TT (as voted by the public). Followed by round 2 which was competing for who could eat the most lemons in the time of a minute, it was sure a hilarious sight to see everyone chomping down on the sour lemons (probably a better choice the public chose against the chili padi)! The last round was a milo drinking competition, although a straw was given, the competitors from each team decided to just chug the two huge jug of Milo down as they each had a win from the previous rounds.

It was a great afternoon filled with fan interactions, quirky answers and experiences by the panel and a great introduction to No Sleep No FOMO!

Do remember to check out No Sleep NO FOMO premiering on Viu on 22 March, new episodes will be available on Viu every Friday, from 8pm in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar!

This event is brought to you by Viu.

Words: Amira Syaheera
Photos: Amira Syaheera / Karoline Law

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