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Lovelyz thanked fans for a warm welcome at their Winter World concert in Hong Kong

HONG KONG – Following their press conference held on Saturday (23 March) at Windsor House in Hong Kong, the Korean octet Lovelyz staged their “LOVELYZ CONCERT IN HONG KONG – LOVELYZ 3 OF WINTER WORLD”. Members revealed that this is their first time holding their own concert in Hong Kong, since their last visit here 9 months ago was only a fan-meet.

“Can we expect to hear screams for you guys (fans) since this is our first time here?”, asked member Ji-ae, in an attempt to hype the audience up for them to begin their next song.

Member Ji-soo added, “I was so surprised with the enthusiastic and loud cheers as soon as we started the concert, but save your voices for later”. She gave fellow member, the global emcee, Kei the limelight, to explain 3 reasons why Lovelyz’s “Winter World” is so special.

Firstly, there are a few special stages that are exclusive only for this time’s Winter World concert. Next, today we have the ninth member of Lovelyz, the fans, and we will be putting our 200% effort into the show. Lastly, we are going to make so many more nice memories with Lovelinus right here tonight.

They mentioned that they went to Singapore to hold their concert, and it felt like a daydream once again that they have the opportunity to stage their Winter World concert right here in Hong Kong.

As it was raining yesterday, members also shared that they were not able to enjoy the picturesque night view of Hong Kong. Nevertheless, they were all cheered up with the fact that they could meet Lovelinus anyways.

All members of Lovelyz were all and performed tracks like “Amusement Park”, “Bebe” and even their newest release “Lost N Found” from their album released just November last year.

It might be really true that the endless fan-service and interaction from members are the very reason why Lovelinus are always giving their fullest support to Lovelyz!

Words: Avier Tan
Photos: Joanne Tung

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